Building Freetype with MinGW-64

A few technical notes, because this was harder than it needed to be due to development environment cruft. Remove MSYS from your PATH. Disable Windows Subsystem »

Back in the Saddle

2015 was the year I ran out of money and instantly learned a lot of what I didn't know about indie game development. I duly went »

Unity 5 and Unplanned Obsolescence

I have a Unity project in progress that interacts with some physics bugs present in the 4.6 series. So, incautiously, I decided to upgrade. It's »

Unity Rigidbody2D Smooth Camera

Following a Unity Rigidbody2D with a camera works perfectly if done right. If not done right, it's a frustrating mess. Unfortunately, knowing what constitutes "done right »

From C to Unity in Five Simple Years

Today is my second day of my latest attempt to use Unity. I'm going to try to document a lot of what I'm learning and seeing »