Programmer Hypotheticals

As a programmer, I try to always be reading questions and answers, and never writing them. The truth is that I would rather work around the »

C's Curious Incapability

Suppose I have a service that controls lights. It's attached to a common struct interface, like this: typedef struct light_controller light_controller_t; struct light »

What Keeps Changing the Ownership of / in OS X?

The root / of an OS X system drive should be owned by user root, group admin. One reason is that it prevents bad software from changing »

Stack Overflow Has Eaten Itself

Before I recommend that you kill it and start over, let me be clear. Stack Overflow is a monstrously helpful resource for a developer like me »

Particle Editor in Development

I've always been jealous of the fancy particle editors in Source and the UDK, so I built one. I knew it was going to be a »