From C to Unity in Five Simple Years

Today is my second day of my latest attempt to use Unity. I'm going to try to document a lot of what I'm learning and seeing »

If there was one thing on your Xbox One that you wish you could fix, what would it be?

Please be specific. I loved my 360 until I got the Red Rings, and I got another one and loved that one too. I don't even »

Identity Breach vs Identity Delegation

A number of members of my extended family area currently watching their credit card statements because they shopped at Home Depot this year. So should nearly »

Sudden Hardware Death

If only I had listened. My friends know I've had some bad experiences. I'm no stranger to heartbreak. But this time was different, and I told »

Lexical Conditionals

Here's a thing I'd love to see in C, but I never will. // Suppose we have a known function pointer type... typedef void(*callback)(int param »