Lua x86_64 with Visual Studio 2015

  • Expand Lua source code.
  • Create a batch file in the root of the expanded archive:
pushd "%VS140COMNTOOLS%"\..\..\VC  
call vcvarsall amd64  

md dist\x64  
pushd src  
del *.obj *.dll *.lib *.exp *.o  
cl /MD /O2 /c /DLUA_BUILD_AS_DLL *.c  
ren lua.obj lua.o  
ren luac.obj luac.o  
link /DLL /IMPLIB:lua5.3.4.lib /OUT:lua5.3.4.dll *.obj  
link /OUT:lua.exe lua.o lua5.3.4.lib  
lib /OUT:lua5.3.4-static.lib *.obj  
link /OUT:luac.exe luac.o lua5.3.4-static.lib  

copy src\lua.h dist\x64  
move src\*.dll dist\x64  
move src\*.lib dist\x64  
move src\*.exe dist\x64  
  • Run in Developer Command Prompt for VS2015