Saying No

I am guilty. If you had a project you wanted me to work on it was a great opportunity to get more work down the line »

A Trial Separation

A link to this post was published to my Tumblr account. I've been doing things the same way for a long time now. Write a game »

OS X Yosemite and Google App Passwords

The Internet pane of System Preferences does not properly sync updated passwords to all applications. Furthermore, the failed authentication prompts on Mail and Calendar do not »

Programmer Hypotheticals

As a programmer, I try to always be reading questions and answers, and never writing them. The truth is that I would rather work around the »

C's Curious Incapability

Suppose I have a service that controls lights. It's attached to a common struct interface, like this: typedef struct light_controller light_controller_t; struct light »