Saying No

I am guilty.


  • you had a project you wanted me to work on
  • it was a great opportunity to get more work down the line
  • it could work out well for everybody
  • you were just looking for the right partner


  • you wanted me to do work for you, for free


  • I probably agreed that it was a great idea
  • I probably brainstormed with you on the overall approach
  • I probably discussed first steps


  • I took my first contract more than 20 years ago
  • I work for money or equity, not opportunities or promises
  • if your idea is so valuable, you should invest in it by hiring a professional
  • I don't need to take uninformed risks in your area of interest; I have my own


  • I never contacted you again.

I am guilty of treating you with the same lack of respect with which you treated me.

Okay, I'm done feeling guilty.